Скотт Маллори / Scott Mallory

Боги любви / Gods of Love 



Scott Mallory focuses on personal work with video and sound art, filmmaking, visual effects and 3D animation, live instrumentation and electronic music, writing and performance, and is exploring motion capture and virtual reality. His video work was shown at the TED2016 Conference, and he is Founder and Lead Organizer of TEDxECUAD. He collaborated on a sound installation at the NMAAHC in Washington, DC, and he is now involved with the Leaning Out of Windows project in which artists and physicists at TRIUMF Lab collaborate in hybrid research. Scott is a media arts instructor, Masters candidate, and Research Assistant at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. 


This video is shot without regard to conventional camerawork, and has no clear stylistic vocabulary. It is interlaced, poorly exposed with auto settings, untreated, and exported at low resolution with unknown compression. There are ineffective fades and transitions, faulty compositing, keying, and green screen work, poorly animated effects, and no editing logic. Sound effects are cliché and badly composed, the dialogue volume is low with inconsistent background noise, and both the sound and video cut out occasionally. The direction and performance are pretentious. 


Скотт Маллори - мультимедийный художник (видео, саундарт, кино, 3D анимация, перформанс), музыкант, писатель. Исследует виртуальную реальность. Организатор и участник различных художественных коллабораций. Преподает и занимается исследовательскими практиками в Университете Искусства и Дизайна имени Эмили Карр, Ванкувер. 


Операторская работа не продумана, стилистика не ясна. Интерлейсинг, плохая экспозиция, отсутствует обработка, низкое разрешение. Ничем не обоснованные затемнения и переходы между кадрами, неумелое использование хромакея, не те эффекты, нелогичный монтаж. Плохой звук, непроработанные диалоги. Претенциозная режиссура и игра.