Роберт Фэн / Robert Fan

Фьюжн микс / Fusion Mingle and Mix

07'04" (на картинке / in the pic)

Туризм_Туризм / Tourism_Tourism


Тайвань / Taiwan 

Robert Fan is a visual artist and filmmaker with 8 years of Fine Art and filmmaking background, experienced in non-linear and linear story telling.

Awards / Exhibitions:

2015 Reservation, the 49th Graduation Art Exhibition, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan

2015 Famous, the independent production micro film (story outline, directing, camera movement, music, editing, post production)

2014 The Color-Changed Sunflower Symbiosis & Trojan Horse Karma, Cross-Straits Artists Joint Exhibition, China

2013 Judges' list award, Midland Art Exhibition, Taiwan  


About Fusion Mingle & Mix. It is a linear and non linear mixture of the ideology import and representation of equality. It is badly shot and scripted, on some shot even the camera operator was in the frame. It is very hard to understand the content.

About Tourism_Tourism. It is a linear and non linear mixture of a daily experience. Really not entertaining to watch or work on because of the poor script developing and camera technique. To be honest it is really boring.