We are looking for bad videos for BAD VIDEO ART FESTIVAL which will take place in Moscow, Russia, in March 2017. 


Yes, you heard it right. We are going to screen really bad videos. But why? 


We assume that, if on the one hand there is bad art (works presented at the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA)), kitsch, "Bad" Painting or Neo-Expressionism or Transavangarde, and on the other hand there are B-movies, "so bad it's good" movies, best worst movies and so on, there must be something in between. And it is probably bad video art. And it deserves our attention. 


Criteria of bad video art (you should NOT meet all):


- technically poor (low resolution, over-/underexposed, unstabilized, wrong focus, poor sound or no sound at all, bad editing, wrong color correction);

- videos filmed without any purpose or concept, except the idea of making a bad video;

- worthless videos of no special interest.


We don't accept stock videos, films made by children, family home videos, erotica, porn, films that include any forms of violence, films without English subs [for languages except Russian & English].


Submit an application to


1. Name and contacts [e-mail, link to personal website if any, link to FB profile].

2. Short bio.

3. Title of the work.

4. Link to the work on Vimeo or Youtube [password if necessary].

5. Short text about, why your video is bad. We DON'T need a concept of the work. We just want to know, why you think that your video deserves to be called bad video art.  

6. Technical details / 16:9 or 4:3 / duration in minutes and seconds [preferably less than 10 minutes, but if your video is longer and you are absolutely sure that it is really bad, please write us].


We accept up to 3 entries per person. Please send a separate application for each entry.


This is a non-competitive festival!


NO fees.