Линда Альборгетти & Марко Беллини / Linda Alborghetti & Marco Bellini

Вытягивай любой понравившийся кабель / Pull Out All The Wires You Like

2015, 01'08" (на картинке / in the pic)

Искусство со вспышкой на продажу / Art With Flash For Sale

2016, 04'35"

Италия / Italy

An Italian artist duo working together since 2013. Characterized by a constant training of sight, attention to everything happening in the urban space investigated from both political and physical point of view. The space becomes material to explore, shape, measure and upset, documenting itself in an amateur and analytical way. The randomness of meeting and an unconscious creative act of everyday life are integral parts of their work. They share an ironic gaze analyzing discarded and omitted processes and objects.


This attitude became reinforced in the liveliness of minimal gestures, in the singularity of uncertain objects, into the idea of the unfinished, volatility and randomness, if not even into the meaninglessness.


The ephemeral and temporary side of our interventions is often presented in the form of anti-monumental and precarious situations characterized by an ambiguous suspension between reality and artifice.


The smell of failure, the willingness to consider a mistake as an opportunity and the same attempt to give form to the absurdity of existence is what animates our artistic research.