Розовая шапочка (Гуго Клеман, Мириам Буше, Лорен Уолкер, Бенджамин Лавиль, Колин Робин) / Le Bonnet Rose (Hugues Clément, Myriam Boucher, Lauren E Walker, Benjamin Laville, Coline Robin)

Розовая шапочка / Le Bonnet Rose

2016, 06'53"

Канада / Франция / США

Canada / France / USA

Between sound / image and digital / organic universes, new media artist Hugues Clément (Canada, 1987) bases his approach on a personal and free exploration of digital possibilities, showcased in various events, including MUTEK (CA), Igloofest (CA), Pride Toronto (CA), L’Arsenal (CA), Palais des Paris (JP), Transient Festival (FR), MADATAC (ES), NoiseGate Festival / NYU (US) and Circle Of Light / Moscow Light Festival (RU). With audiovisual performance, mapping, design, VJing and installation Hugues Clément attempts to capture today under different aesthetics. He is interested in digital manipulation, decontextualization and relationship between audio / visual and creativity / technology.


Coline Robin (France, 1989) is an architect, illustrator and artist. She has studied architecture in Paris and Istanbul with a focus on urban sociology. In 2015 she receives the scholarship "Styria Artist-in-Residence" for her project "All the missing maps", in which she observes and analyses the transformation of a neighbourhood through the eyes of its inhabitants. Since 2016 she also works as a graphic recorder translating concepts and ideas into drawings and on different artistic projects. Works and lives in Paris and in Graz. 


Lauren E Walker, aka Lewtrakimou, is a lo-fi experimental expressionist and the lead singer of dream-pop band Nice Legs.  She has been recognized for her original screenplays and soundtrack production. As a child Lew and her twin sister told a joke on the nationally syndicated television program "America's Funniest People."  She has never recovered from the fame associated with this appearance.


Who cares about Benjamin's bio.


Myriam Boucher is a Montreal based video and sound artist. She’s working on the intime dialogue between music and image, through videomusic and audiovisual performance. Her work was prized in the JTTP 2015 and 2016 (CEC), JIM Electroacoustic Compositions 2015 Competition and Bourse Euterke 2015 and has been presented at many international events including MUTEK (CA), Akousma (CA), Igloofest (CA), KONTAKTE (DE) and Seeing Sound (UK).


In order to enhance the scary yet humoristic aspect of the movie we explored B-movies, low budget experimental aesthetic. Various weird low-fi effects such as random apparitions or delayed sound are used as voluntary errors.