Иэн Грэнт / Ian Grant

Целый новый мир / A Whole New World

2016, 10'20"


Ian Grant is a Senior at Marlboro College in Vermont interested in television art, and the political potential video has. In his work the video creates a space that is unconventional to the visual constructs generated by the corporate media.


This art piece is bad for several reasons. I did not even film the first three minutes of it in which a girl is singing “A Whole New World” from Aladdin at a Miss Vermont beauty pageant. I found this video tape (TC-30 tape) inside an old video camera that I got at a thrift store in Vermont. The bright lights eliminating all details of her face, the low quality of the old video camera, he films his legs in the beginning, the audio maxes out, she fumbles with the lyrics, the cast on her leg, and the shaky filming all create a bad atmosphere. I filmed the second part with the same camera during a presidential debate in which I filmed the television feed projecting the debate. The glitch at the top of the screen and the full zoom and shakiness onto the television are bad. My friends and I are drunk and talk during it, not expecting this joke to go even further to become a full-fledged reality, making it even more bad. All of this last for 10 minutes, so indeed this is bad video art.