Гурсиус Гюднер / Gurcius Gewdner 

Доброе утро, Карлос / Good Morning Carlos

2016, 17'00" (на картинке / in the pic)

Эривалдо, таинственный астронавт / Erivaldo, the Mystic Astronaut

2013, 06'00"

Brazil / Бразилия 

Gurcius Gewdner (1982) is recognized in Brazil for his peculiar work as a director, editor, musician and visual artist, having led and participated in some of the most absurd, insane and hallucinating artistic and film projects of the past 15 years produced in Brazilian lands.


Good Morning Carlos. Try to imagine a Pina bausch ballet in a bad day for the stomach dancers. 


Erivaldo, the Mystic Astronaut. We recreated Mars in our own backyard for a desperate astronaut who hates Mars.