Фернандо Шауд / Fernando Xaud

Видео без особой цели / Video for No Apparent Purpose

2015, 01'08"

Бразилия / Brazil

Brazilian self-taught visual artist born in 1988 in Manaus, Amazonas. In his works he explores intrinsic relations between violence, ephemerality, incompleteness and transcendence, making use of painting, photography, collage and video art as means of expression, research and artistic creation.He has participated in several collective exhibitions and urban interventions, including the Portuguese project "Trans [act] Transdisciplinary & Anti-artistic Global Project". 


This video is so bad that I would never send it to any exhibition other than this one. It was made in one of those moments of complete boredom, in which we sit passively in front of the TV, trying to avoid any brain activity. At the moment, I saw one of those horrible Brazilian novelas and put a magnifier glass in front of the camera. The result: human figures acting artificially and flowing dots of light. No editing, no concept, no purpose. Completely meaningless.