Musicfor Eggplant

E01 / Pill Horse

03'27" (на картинке / in the pic)

E03 / Cam Girl / Vivid Dreams


Щвецария / Switzerland

Since three years, Musicfor Eggplant has worked to support the production of what has been coined "The drug trip you never had TM" and often deemed by its spectators horrible to hear, endurable to watch. If ever there was an identifiable approach it would be transitions from layers to rhizomes, from deconstruction to global movement, from nonsense to pop, from density to vortex, where Chaos and Curiosity are masters and improvisation nothing but a lie to follow. Evidently the Eggplant has been growing as it continues to shock art, concert and internet scenes always requestioning the sense of art, music and life in general through Egg Plants happy helpers : Chai Ayling, Jaz Ayling, Emile Barret, Paul Barret, Regina Demina, Raphael Faure, Robert Ricca et Tristan Savoy.

About E01 / Pill Horse. Embarrassing acting. Awkward crying, laughing, consoling. Not to mention the unmatched (quite literally) audio to this ambiguous narration. A continuity nightmare. An intentionally bad but unintentionally worse telenovela. No effort what so ever to make microphones discrete. Unmentionably on drugs.