Даниэль Суарес Теллеc/ Daniel Suárez Téllez 


2016, 02'52" 

Колумбия / Colombia 

Daniel Suárez is a Colombian artist whose work proposes visual mediations by using various resources such as painting, drawing, photography and printmaking. An image is selected and manipulated for an appropriation in order to alter its own iconography and add new ways of seeing. The result is a work that reflects a constant research of different visual languages.       


The term “bad” defines what is contrary to pleasure, which produces an unpleasant effect, either in sensible experience or in rational logic. My work does not develop a comfortable experience, it does not consider the beauty of presented forms. It focuses on the contrary, on the destruction of an order ideal and healthy understanding. There is no structure, no intention to make signs or symbols. It is just a sequence without any sense or concept. You just watch it and that's all. Visual alteration of frames and chaos of their distribution in a great undefined disorder provoke a feeling of discomfort that seeks to displease, irritate and disturb the senses and logic.