Брэндон Осуолт / Brandon Oswalt

Удушение курицы (Обещаю, это не то, что вы думаете) / Le Etouffer Le Poulet (I Promise It's Not What It Looks Like)

2014, 01'07"


Brandon Oswalt sucks FYI. He’s been making home movies that make me feel some type of way. His art is annoying and most people are tired of it but so is he. Hailing from Birmingham, AL, most of Brandon Oswalt’s interests lie in digesting cultural detritus from the web and regurgitating it in some curated and collaged form. He danced his way through the University of Alabama at Birmingham for a BA and is currently wasting time at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL for his MFA.


This video is utterly pointless. Its loud, irritating, and looks like it was shot on an early 2000s era Sony Handycam.