Барбара Грыка / Barbara Gryka



Польша / Poland

Daughter of Beata, granddaughter of Hanna and Stanisława. Is a visual performance artist, poet, activist, anarchist from Poland. In her art she concentrates on the changing subjectivity of the spectator and the artist when the latter noticeably becomes a spectator of the spectator. The ever present use of history, both in individual and collective experience, tries to connect dialog forms with the inexpressible; democratizing the practice of art. Examining the axis between the human body and geopolitical nature of things. A crucial element of her performance lies in time and embarrassing situations, which verify the attractiveness of norms and experiences. Student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Participant of various projects, exhibitions performance art festivals in Poland and abroad (Dublin, Roma, Belfast); participant of Sokołowisko International Laboratory of Culture, Biennale WRO Test Exsposure, Wrocław, Poland. Performed and exhibited in places such as BWA Zielona Góra, Poland; Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Rome, Italy; Museum of Modern Art Warsaw, Poland; Galeria Labirynt, Lublin, Poland etc. 


This is a bad video. I did everything badly, not as I had been taught. 


Through thick and thin

at last I'll find it, 

whether I want it or not, 

my luck. 

Through thick and thin
my own spot,
there, where you're waiting for me. 

I don't plan, I don't calculate,
I don't watch flakes of life. 

Indeed, everything what will be 

the fate listed long before... 

Through thick and thin.. 

The sun shines through the clouds,
a bitter medicine cures the best
Where does the path lead, I don't know 

but at the end - you... 

Through thick and thin..