Агата Ручинска / Agata Rucińska 

Contre Nature 

2016, 03'03"

Польша / Poland 

Born in 1991, Poland. Student of the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw, Art of Media Department. Experiments with image using video, photography, painting, objects. 


The reason I’m calling my video bad is mostly the way of combining all pictures or elements in video. This all together is simply incoherent. I didn’t try to match my components into a smooth composition. I have been always in trouble with logical clear narration where everything is in right order. I wanted to use different styles of filming and editing which are not correct in academic way. I wanted to include different sizes of frames. I don’t run away from the topic, even if I didn’t film any part with any special purpose, and every component comes from different period of time. I think you can always emerge any topic, when you are really stubborn. But I wanted to put in my video any image that I feel to use.  The color correction is inappropriate, the camera often unstabilized or stabilized badly. My videos get pixelized because my camera doesn’t catch extremely fast motion like the stream of water, so when I filmed it I got water with some pixels in it. The sound is really bad – I recorded  raw sounds on my mobile phone and transformed them into some kind of music, but I’m a layman in this profession. So the sound in my video is low quality. I am also a beginner in animating, in my work you can see really primitive animation and this part is the final part, so I leave you with this poor impression.